By SuperUser Account on Published on: 3/25/2015
The reality is, false advertising hurts, and it can hurt both small and big businesses alike. In fact, while it may seem that companies are rarely punished, this not the case as governments are not always motivated to bring cases. In fact, China sued Crest Advertising for deceptive practices in a commercial. While not unheard of, it’s the largest lawsuit of its kind in China, and people in and out of the industry should be paying attention to this particular situation.
By SuperUser Account on Published on: 3/18/2015
Even a Twitter ban couldn’t keep the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, away from China’s mainland. The company moved into Hong Kong headquarters early in March, preparing to establish business contacts with Chinese companies. It was done in spite of a Twitter ban that prevents mainland Internet users from accessing Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.
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