By SuperUser Account on Published on: 2/23/2015
After attending a seminar last week titled “Essential Skills for the First-Time Manager or Supervisor” from Fred Pryor Seminars and Career Track, I learned many tips about managing people. Aside from the usual structure and organization tips, I learned that not only are there various types of managers, but how to tweak delivery style in managing people as well as how and when to use emotion. Check out what else I learned below!
By SuperUser Account on Published on: 2/18/2015
Are you familiar with the saying, “It’s not me, it’s you?” Although that saying applies to multiple scenarios, it unfortunately does not always apply to website traffic. Chance are, if your website traffic is low, it’s not the users but is instead, you. Here are some reasons why your website traffic is low as well as solutions to fix it.
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